Photo of Robert Buschel

Robert Buschel started his legal career as a public defender representing indigent people charged with crimes. He and a few friends later started a law firm that specialized in criminal and civil litigation. At some point in Rob’s career he thought he would enjoy being a part of a bigger more corporate-type law firm.

He enjoyed his time there – right up until the point the senior partner revealed himself to be a criminal, hopped on a jet to Morocco with the firm’s ‘client trust accounts.’ Legal chaos ensued. In the aftermath, Rob co-founded his own small law firm specializing in criminal law, civil litigation, and public union representation. He is a member of the Florida and California bars.

Rob is also an instrumented rated private pilot. He flies for fun and supports charitable organizations – including transporting medically needy people to their hospital visits or home from them.

He writes to live, not to re-live. His legal work serves as a reservoir of creative opportunities for stories.

He wrote his first novel, By Silent Majority, to criticize the state of American politics and how America chooses its leaders. God’s Ponzi, he wrote as a criticism of legal procedure and the personalities that humans bump into along the way.